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time & attendance

Keeping track of your employees’ productivity is crucial to your business. And BizRun’s Time and Attendance features can be configured to meet your specific business needs—from clocking in and clocking out to taking PTO, we’ve got you covered. With our intuitive mobile app and kiosk mode, ensure your company never misses a minute, even when there is no cell service.


Time tracking can be a hassle for your employees. Make the job easier and more accurate for everyone. Even when they’re on the road, BizRun’s simple but powerful mobile self-service tools get the job done in a snap.


Take the complexity out of your role. From high-level views to granular details, see what’s going on at any given moment within your organization.

time-off tracking


Stay on top of your own PTO, and coordinate with your team using our simple time-off calendar. Know where your team plans to be, and prevent an understaffing nightmare.


Forget the manual way of tracking vacations and sick days. Our software provides up-to-date information on balances, upcoming requests, and past days off based on your defined PTO policy.

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