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What Are People Saying About Us?

Kevin Cojanu

President, Pole Star Experimental Learning

 We have found a great partner in BizRun. Our organization had a series of special needs for our HR Department to manage our delivery. BizRun stepped in and presented skilled internal technical resources to understand our specific requirements and then delivered on those needs. Additionally, we discussed other possible needs and BizRun has provided alternatives that we continue to evaluate and develop. BizRun represents the true meaning of what a Partner is!

Mary-Kate Coletta

Office Manager, Axis Promotions

“BizRun is a super sleek, user-friendly platform that’s ideal for organizing and streamlining HR data! We’ve been using it primarily to track time off, and it’s proven to be an extremely effective tool. There are way more HR functions to take advantage of as well, and we can’t wait to delve into them! The BizRun team has gone above and beyond in their customer service, providing us with user guides, tutorials, and endless help every step of the way. BizRun rocks!

Drew G

Director, Human Resources

 I am a big fan of BizRun. It is a a great tool for our company. Easy to use, easy to administer. Their customer support and response times are amazing. Very helpful from initial implementation through current day-to-day needs when they arise.

Drew Goldberg

Director of HR, Axis Promotions

As the Director of HR, wearing many hats for a small company (60-75), BizRun has been a tremendous help to us to ease the burden of time off tracking and approval. Gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets and policing staff and instead, we have a very sleek, easy-to-use platform for both requesting and approving time off. We are currently only using BizRun for attendance tracking , but we will be exploring their other functionalities in the near future. In addition to this great system, their customer service and genuine interest in our company’s success has been unparalleled so far. I highly recommend this platform.

Mike V.

Director of Human Resources

 BizRun is a good product, it has many features of higher-end products at a lower price point. The BizRun product is well thought out, and new features are regularly added.

Tracie B.

Continuous Improvement Manager

BizRun has made the process of tracking time off easy, and resolved the communication breakdowns we were experiencing prior to BizRun. Employees now have real-time access to their paid time off benefits, and managers have visibility to their team's time off schedules. manager's can quickly navigate scheduling conflicts and respond to employee requests in a timely manner.

Melissa P.

HR Generalist

It has been great for tracking overtime hours and vacation time for our company. The best part was the customer service- we had a dedicated rep who would always answer my questions immediately!

LinkedIn Member

Non-Profit Orginization Management

 I have had nothing but good experiences with the BizRun staff. This program has helped me so much when preparing our payroll and helped our managers to have a better handle on their staff's work time.

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