Set Payroll to Autopilot

  • Synced Timekeeping: We make it easy to import hours from any timekeeping system.

  • Filing is a snap: State and Federal tax filings are automated; and no extra fee!

  • Self Service Portal: Employees have easy access to view and print W2’s and Paystubs.

BizRun simplifies people management tasks and energizes your business with a single, comprehensive HR and Payroll platform at one attractive price.

Payroll Report
  • Direct deposit

  • Paying payroll taxes, Federal & state

  • Filing payroll tax forms

  • Child support, garnishments, withholdings

  • Year end processing of W2s, W3s and 1099s

  • Support ACA reporting

  • Unlimited pay types

  • Standard, bonus/commission, and additional payrolls

  • Predefined (standard) and custom deductions

  • Online employee portal for viewing W2s, 1099s, and pay stubs

  • General ledger integration with accounting systems

  • Support retirement plans / employer match contributions

“BizRun has the best customer service/support of any company I have worked with in a long time.”

-Kim from Pacific Trust Escrow, Inc.

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