everything HR

BizRun streamlines and simplifies every aspect of HR. For you, that means less busywork. Less paper. Less stress. And more opportunities to help every employee at your company perform their best and love their job.
BizRun Recruiting

recruting & applicant tracking

Get the perfect employee in place, pronto. From the moment someone declares, “We need to hire someone” to the first morning that “someone” shows up for work, BizRun handles it all.
BizRun Onboarding


You know that huge to-do list you need to complete for every new hire? All those documents that need filling out, orientations that need scheduling, and signatures that need collecting? We can make all that simple.
BizRun Employee Records

employee records

Imagine having every document associated with an employee just a click or two away. I-9s, medical records, confidentiality agreements—all of it. Would you miss all those file folders and papercuts? We didn’t think so.
BizRun Time and Attendance

time & attendance

Thanks to BizRun’s self-service app, employees can track their time and manage their PTO easily and accurately from any device. In short: everything’s easier, and everyone’s happier (Including you).
BizRun Compensation Management

compensation management

This is almost too easy. Instantly view an employee’s compensation history. Route proposed changes to decision makers with one click. It couldn’t be simpler to make sure every employee gets what they’re worth.
BizRun Performance Management

performance management

Simplify tasks around performance check-ins, employee engagement surveys, and professional growth tracking – and then revel in the praise for making it easier on everyone.

acumatica timekeeping and hr

acumatica erp integration

BizRun integrates with Acumatica ERP, the intuitive Cloud ERP system with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.

BizRun Acumatica Payroll Integration

acumatica payroll integration

BizRun’s integration with Acumatica Payroll is robust, comprehensive and runs like clockwork—accurately, reliably, and simply.

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