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Don’t familiar tools make life easier for people—and processes better for business? We think so. That’s why we also think you’ll love the latest features we’ve added to BizRun. (Hint: BizRun is the only HR management software integrated with G Suite.)

Leave management and New Year’s resolution #1

Make managing time off requests a breeze.

Leave and Compensation: Fresh Features and Resolutions for the New Year

If your organization uses G Suite, Google Calendar is likely your preferred tool for scheduling and planning. Yet most HR solutions require using their own, internal calendar systems to manage leave requests, as well as to display scheduled leave. Check this out: With our brand-new time off request feature, employees can add approved time off right to Google Calendar—in just two clicks. And managers can see teams’ scheduled leave through Calendar’s sharing functionality.

Click to expand the image below for an animated look at how easy it is to submit a time off request with the new BizRun feature:
Manage and initiate leave requests, plus with Google Calendar integration, with BizRun HR software

Compensation and New Year’s resolution #2

Manage compensation visually—and put faces with the numbers.

In BizRun, your org chart is the interface. Not only does the chart double as your company’s “photo board,” it’s also your dashboard for managing HR. Permissioned managers and HR professionals can access employee data right from people’s photos. This includes compensation, our other New Year’s fresh feature.

Update pay type and status with simple drop-down selections. Change pay rate in streamlined fields by entering flat amounts or percentages. See pay history and current status graphically. Just like all transactions in BizRun, as soon as changes are initiated they’re routed to the right people for approval. If needed afterward, an organization’s BizRun Compensation Administrator can correct something easily.

Click to expand the image below for an animated look at how BizRun puts faces with the numbers when you manage compensation:
Compensation management in BizRun, HR software for G Suite

BizRun and your New Year’s resolutions

Could BizRun help you keep your business’s New Year’s resolutions? Could it be your 2017 HR solution?

There’s no way that integrating HR management with G Suite won’t free up time and energy to reallocate toward achieving your 2017 goals. And we believe managing HR visually will reveal how to focus on core aspects of your business, in ways that you just need to see for yourself. Try BizRun free and find out what it can do for you.