Want to spend less time
managing HR
and more time
growing your business?

Meet BizRun.

Software for managing the people part of your business.

  • Paid Time Off & Sick Leave
  • Photo Board & Directory

  • Living Org Chart

  • Task Management

  • Approval Routing

  • Employee Records

  • Compensation Management

  • Employee Self Service


Design your organization with a people focus.

Visualize your business in real time.

Integrate HR data with your organizational structure. See your entire company, including who’s in it and how your people fit together—all in real time. Manage your most important assets, identify opportunities for growth and plan for their futures more easily.

Streamline change-of-status transactions.

Automate HR and business tasks.

Leave time consuming, manual spreadsheets and org charts behind! Automatically generate customized onboarding tasks, route transactions for approval and notify the right people to take action. Make sure everyday tasks and transactions get done on time.

Update employee information from your organizational chart.

Enjoy self-service made available
to everyone.

Simplify HR processes. Spend less. Do more. Centralize critical data, view employee photos on any device, engage more effectively. Unlike other HR solutions built around cumbersome forms, now you have time for more strategic interactions with your people.

BizRun has G Suite in mind.

From G Suite, import your people easily.

You use G Suite for your business—and for good reason! It saves time and money and delivers consistency across your operating infrastructure. Put to work an HR solution designed for your world.

See BizRun in action.

HR software to manage the people part of your business.