Built-in routing.
One click approvals.
Live team chat.

Routing Approvals

Change management so simple you’ll jump for joy.

Active Panel

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Know where you stand

  • Transaction status that’s easy to understand

  • See what’s done and what remains to be done

  • Review comments made by other approvers

  • Visible only to approvers and administrators

Real-time chat for reviewers

  • Exchange comments or ask questions, real-time

  • Comments are saved with the transaction

  • Visible only to reviewers and administrators

Add tasks to workflows

  • Create custom tasks

  • Tasks are tracked with transactions

  • Email notifications go to assignees

  • Team can monitor status

  • Great for onboarding & terminations

Transaction Settings

Customizable for a variety of transaction types

  • Time off request

  • Update compensation

  • Onboard person

  • Update position/org

  • Create subordinate position

  • Move person to open position

  • Move filled/open position

  • Onboard person

  • Eliminate position

  • Terminate person

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