Living Org Chart

Better understand and manage your business. BizRun's dynamic org chart provides a unique visual experience that helps you see and manage your entire staff.

See your people & where they fit in

Our unique org chart interface lets you see your employee’s names, titles, departments, and supervisors. View your business as a whole or utilize our type-ahead search to view individuals, their superiors, and subordinates on the org chart. BizRun’s org chart interface is exceptionally flexible so that you can view your business no matter the size!

Employee Self Service

Say goodbye to outdated org charts

With the org chart being the main interface of our software, it is always up-to-date with your business’s current information. Our dynamic org chart is also interactive allowing you to learn more information about positions and people by clicking on their image.

​Adjust Your Business Organization On The Fly

Move employees and positions within the org chart with our intuitive drag and drop functionality. Managing your business and employees has never been easier. You can even move an entire downstream section of the org chart in one transaction.

Move Person
Active Panel

Built-in Routing & approvals

Our org chart visually shows how your business is formatted and allows you to route requests to the right people automatically. Once submitted, you can easily see who has or hasn’t responded to the request. To ensure everything gets properly handled, we also provide a real-time chat to exchange comments with other reviewers. Once all reviewers have approved the change, the org chart will automatically update.

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