Leave & Time Off

Still tracking employee time off the old-fashion way? You need a better solution, meet BizRun.

Employee Self-Service made simple.

  • Employees submit time off requests for approval
  • Roll Call Report shows who’s in & who’s out
  • Centralize all requests in one place
  • Eliminate verbal, email & paper requests
  • Configurable routing & workflow
Time Off Request

Company Time Off Calendar

  • Company time off at a glance
  • Avoid under-staffing at critical times
  • Find the best time to plan that vacation
  • Supervisors can plan ahead

BizRun calculates accruals so you don’t have to

  • Reduces the burden on supervisors
  • Warns when a request exceeds accruals
  • Predicts accrual for future requests

See schedule conflicts with colleagues

  • Displays conflicts with peers and subordinates
  • Shows the specific days and people who have conflicting leave
  • Employees see for themselves whether a request makes sense

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