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Employee Records

Employee Records, safe and secure, all in one place.

Personal Information Tabs

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Employee information right at your fingertips

  • Contact information

  • Employee documents

  • Training, licensing & certification tracking

  • Employment history

  • Compensation history

  • Time off & leave

  • Timesheet data

Centralize documents, track training, licensing & certification info

  • Organize all digital employee documents into a single location

  • Add custom notes to employee records

  • Leverage any content management system for storage; Sharepoint, Google Drive, etc.

  • Manage training, licensing & certification requirements

  • Create custom alerts and reminders

Adding Documents

Attaching Documents

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Role based security

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Only what they need to see

  • Role-based security controls who can see what

  • Designate administrators for compensation, EEOC, timekeeping, and time off

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