Make Their First Day A Success

Get your new team members set-up faster with our paperless, self-guided, digital onboarding.

Onboarding & Core HR Functionality

  • Onboarding content integrated with BizRun core HR modules
  • Set visibility and access within the BizRun employee portal
  • Record and manage employee training requirements and progress
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • NEW! Integration with BizRun Applicant Tracking System (ATS) coming soon.

Be Ready When The Arrive

  • Custom Task lists provide first day instructions for new hires and existing employees
  • BizE “smart” forms make digital delivery of info easy
  • Self-guided review and eSign of eDocs on mobile phone
  • Completed docs stored in PDF format in employee profile

Customize new hire content for review and signature

  • Training
  • Handbooks
  • Videos
  • Start day instructions
  • And more!

New Hire Task-Lists

  • Create and distribute company-specific task-list
  • Send and receive government forms (I9, W4) electronically
  • Deliver custom informational content electronically
  • Assign first-day tasks to internal staff
  • Track progress on task dashboard

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