Encourage engagement and understanding throughout your business with BizQuiz. This tool allows employees to learn more about your business.


BizQuiz is a fun, intuitive training tool. The multiple choice trivia-style interface game uses basic employee information such as name, title and department plus personal facts to help your employees learn about their coworkers. And, as they become familiar with their team, BizQuiz challenges them to learn about other departments within the company. The game format also provides the opportunity to introduce and train on corporate policies as well as measure engagement.

Effective Employee Training Tool

  • Help new employees fit in faster
  • Assist everyone recognize team members
  • Promote team building
  • Introduce and train on new policies
  • Sample and measure engagement
BizQuiz leader board

Make Learning easy & fun

  • Play on either desktop or mobile
  • Employees receive points based on correct answers
  • A leaderboard provides the opportunity to share success with teammates
  • Employees progressively learn about everyone in the organization

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