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BizRun Helps Your Business Run Smoother

HR tasks are diverse and can feel unrelated at times. What ties them all together is the employee that they affect. BizRun provides all the HR tools you need in one location, allowing you to keep your employees front and center.

Core HR That Fits Your Business

Manage your HR in a way that makes sense for your business. With a configurable approval workflow and an interactive org chart, BizRun allows you to make sure your HR systems accurately represent your business as it grows.

ATS Rated Applicants

Manage talent through the entire employee experience

For a growing business, finding new talent can be a time consuming and convoluted process. Our talent management modules help simplify the process and keep you organized by allowing you to go from job listing to onboarding all within BizRun.

Compensate accordingly

Our dynamic platform enables you to easily request, manage, and track pay changes and bonuses, as well as keep payroll up to date on withholding amounts and direct deposit information. Create hourly pay rates that vary by activity and monitor time off earned and used with every time-off request. When the pay period ends don’t stress payroll, we have the tools you needed to ease that process as well.

Payroll report.
Kiosk and Mobile views

Keep Time On Your Side

Different roles require different timekeeping methods. BizRun provides the choice between Time-Sheet or Punch-Clock style timekeeping for each employee. Paired with our approval workflow, custom overtime rules, billable and non-billable projects, and timekeeping reports, you'll know that your employees' time is getting recorded appropriately.

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