Action Panel

Area on the right side of the interface

Where are my people after installation?

People imported during installation will appear in the LaunchPad, which is visible in the Action Panel. People in the LaunchPad have been loaded, but have yet to be placed int [...]

Can I suspend an approval workflow?

Yes, either the Organization or System Administrator can suspend a BizRun Change of Status approval workflow. Therefore, Change of Status transactions made during a period whe [...]

What do the various icons mean?

Icon Guide Onboard Person Create Subordinate Position Move Filled Position Move Open Position Move Person to Open Position Update Position/Org Info Eliminate Position Termin [...]

What is an email notification?

BizRun notifies the appropriate individuals, including Supervisors, Organization Administrators and System Administrators by email when their action is required, such as votin [...]

What is the “Action Panel”?

The Action Panel the area in the right hand side of the BizRun application interface. This area allows people to review their assigned Change of Status transactions and Tasks [...]