Core HR

BizRun's core HR features help businesses manage their talent accurately and efficiently. With our robust back-end and intuitive interface, it is easy to see the BizRun difference.

Living Org Chart

BizRun's org chart allows you not only to see how your business is formatted but also whom you work with. Through our org chart, you can manage all your talent and even create new positions to fill. Our org chart is a core HR feature that showcases the BizRun difference.

Org Chart
BizRun Directory

Directory & Photoboard

​​Bring your team together with a simple core HR tool. Our directory and photo board allow you to manage personal information and create a significant impact.

Employee Records

​If you need help keeping all your employee records organized, we have the solution for you. BizRun provides a safe and secure place to store all of your employee records and documentation.

Routing & Approvals

​Make change-management simple. Built-in routing, one-click approvals, and live team chat help speed up daily core HR tasks and helps keep your business organized.

Employee Self Service

Make sure that your employees can complete the tasks necessary without distraction. Our interface gives each employee the access they need, given their position within your business.

Effective Employee Training

​Our BizQuiz Module allows employees to learn more about the people they work with and the business they work for though a multiple-choice trivia format. Enjoy our unique take on core HR.

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