BizRun Time Tracking Simplified

Time Tracking Simplified

 9 benefits of time tracking for employees and employers alike

Juggling the multitask HR universe with outdated tools and methods isn’t going to get the job done, at least not effectively or without undue stress. As the ringmaster of your company’s employees and their data, you need all-inclusive software that streamlines, simplifies, centralizes, and optimizes. Really, you need an employee time tracking app so this work kind of takes care of itself. Upgrading to an HR timekeeping software package like BizRun HR Software can be one of the most modern moves your company can make in the name of efficiency.

Whether managing a team of five or 500, there’s a lot of paperwork, data, and filing to manage…humans too…but none is so impactful to the bottom line as payroll.

All too often time tracking relies on antiquated methods that are a waste of time for both the employee and HR team, a waste that negatively impacts profitability and ROI. For an overwhelmed HR manager, ensuring employees track their time and ultimately get paid can be an administrative nightmare. One of the more cumbersome parts of the job really doesn’t have to be. BizRun HR Software embraces simplicity in every aspect of its time tracking software, which can help any company eliminate redundant HR tasks, streamline processes, save time, reduce errors, and improve production.

Here are nine benefits of employee time tracking that prove their value, often immediately and always over the long-term. Not only can you see the benefit in a quarterly report, you can see it in morale, too.

  1. Profitability. Is the company in the black or red with payroll? This shouldn’t require complicated reporting. Time trackers are able to do most of the work for you. With the data and reporting available, you can be responsive to overages, see when the ROI just isn’t there for a project or even team member, adjust budgets in real time, and prioritize projects and lines of business. With proper time tracking adherence, it’s not a question of black or red, but just how profitable is the company?

  2. Accuracy. By tracking employee and contractor time, you know exactly how much a project costs and how much time was spent to complete it. Use this insight to inform estimates, bill exact costs, and identify when it’s time to raise rates. This level of accuracy can really keep scope creep under control. You can even forecast for and stay ahead of higher overtime.

  3. Accountability.Trust that everyone is where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be, and working on what they’re supposed to be. There’s no confusion, only clear expectations with accountability action to the goal.

  4. Productivity. When employees keep a time card, HR and supervisors alike gain insight into how someone works. Use this to challenge and hold employees accountable, but also to reward, promote, and develop new opportunities.

  5. Transparency. When everyone’s on the same page with the same information, there’s no room for subjective assessment or even fraud. They know that you know what they know, and vice versa!

  6. Compliance. Some industries have restrictions on how much time and when employees can work, and are required to submit reports to prove compliance. While analog time trackers can get the job done, a cloud-based solution makes it super easy for the worker and a simple export for HR. Easily check a tedious, recurring task off the list.

  7. Geo-Agnosticism. Time tracking doesn’t have to rely on a physical clock mounted in one place. Whether working from home, an oil field, or the corporate office, with digital time tracking employees can clock-in from anywhere in the world and you can keep a firm handle on what’s happening. Geo-enabled time tracking like BizRun provides ensures no one is clocking in from home when they’re supposed to be on the loading dock.

  8. Prioritization.By tracking employee time, you gain the ability to re-allocate hours, budget, talent, and assets. With digital time cards, you can do so in real time, making your entire operation nimble and responsive to any challenges or opportunities that arise. 

  9. Improvements.Time card reports can reveal a lot about the efficiencies, and often more important, inefficiencies in your business. Better understand how long certain tasks and projects actually take to complete, or if they could be done more quickly but with the same quality. See how many workers it takes to do certain jobs or where it may be necessary to reallocate. Time cards can even reveal when it’s time to ramp up employment or make cuts. 

BizRun Time & Attendance Gems: Time Tracking and Roll Call

BizRun’s Time & Attendance feature is designed to be a fully self-serve, hassle-free time tracking system that enables every employee to manage their own time through desktop, mobile, and tablet apps. Employees can track their time as in-out, at the task level, or apply time to certain projects, which is particularly useful to those overseeing project management functions.

Time Tracking

Built-in GPS is one of the hallmark features of BizRun HR Software’s intuitive time tracking solution and protects against time clock fraud. Employees access the time clock via an app on their phone or desktop computer. A GPS timestamp validates each punch-in or punch-out, confirming the employee was physically on site for the duration of their shift. Any leg work that was required of an HR team member has been eliminated, as the GPS feature removes any question of where and when. Notably, the GPS feature also defends against any type of fraud with overtime hours, something that would have served New York City’s transportation agency well.

In late 2020, a senior rail track worker was accused of overtime fraud after earning $461,000 in one year. In one instance, he recorded 15 hours of overtime. Turns out, he was never at the job site. He was at a bowling alley 55 miles away as reported in The New York Times.

While an extreme case, the fraudulent clock-ins wouldn’t have been an issue for very long, had their software been equipped with GPS tracking. A red flag would have been thrown immediately when the time stamps didn’t come in at the rail yard.

Roll Call

Roll Call is another way to save time and reduce fraud as it allows supervisors see at a glance who’s clocked in. On the BizRun HR Software dashboard, see the name and photo of each employee currently on site. Roll call reveals what time and how long they’ve been clocked in for their shift, who’s not clocked in yet, and which employees have time off. Gain instant visibility to the comings and goings of the team, and quickly review hours in a daily or weekly snapshot. For larger teams, it really helps seeing faces with the names.

It’s the kind of visibility that actually helped one BizRun HR Software client identify a fraud issue almost immediately. One afternoon, a supervisor arrived at a field location and opened Roll Call. He was alarmed to see that he didn’t recognize one of the workers. His name matched the roster, but the picture was an entirely different person. Come to find out, the man in Roll Call secured the job while the other showed up to do the work and try to collect a paycheck. Both men were let go.

Time Tracking Efficiency Also Equals Payroll Efficiency

Ultimately, efficient time tracking culminates in employees getting paid accurately and on time with little effort expended by HR. BizRun’s employee time tracking software optimizes payroll process functionality and processing. What was formerly one of the more hair-splitting tasks becomes one of the simpler to-do items in the job description.

There’s no more wasted time with BizRun’s time tracking tools, only greater control, accessibility, and simplification. When HR managers can…
  • Integrate the current payroll system with BizRun
  • Automate tasks, payments, and filings
  • Import time from any system
  • Export analytics and reporting for presentations, forecasting, and budgeting
…they are free to focus on growth, development, and the future outlook. They can spend less time on the granular time management tasks that really ought to just manage themselves. Having efficient HR software and systems is crucial to reaping the full value of the HR manager role…as well as making their work life significantly less stressful.

BizRun HR Software is truly the way to rule HR with ease!

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