About Us

Our Story

Although employee engagement and employee empowerment have always been a focus of our team, the cloud-based HR solution is relatively new. Brought together to form a software consultancy, working with businesses large and small, our team worked together on powerful, custom software. Eventually, we realized that many of our clients were looking for an improved HR solution for their business.

That's when we decided to step up and take a new approach to HR. Building off of our past custom solutions we created BizRun. With customization, scalabily, and versatility at its core, we aim to meet the needs of companies that struggle to find HR solutions that cater to their needs.

Our Values

Customer Experience

From our software to our customer service we focus on providing the best experience possible to fit your needs.


Within our business and the businesses we work with, we value community growth and developing relationships. 

Employee Engagement

We know first-hand the power of engaged employees, and we want to help you experience it as well.

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