embracing simplicity

How, you may wonder, did this miraculous HR simplifier come into existence?
Well, several years ago, a few of us were developing custom HR software solutions for some large companies. And the longer we worked on their challenges, the more clearly we saw ways we could turn complexity into clarity and make a lot of people’s lives easier and better.
So we jumped at the chance.
We understood that when you’re in charge of HR, you have a huge amount of responsibility and stress. Everyone depends on you. Everyone needs you to answer questions, hunt down approvals, keep track of documents, tally paid time off, yada, yada, yada.
Frankly, it’s too much. And it doesn’t have to be.
We embarked on a mission to eliminate redundant HR tasks. To make things digital. Visual. Intuitive. Streamlined. We kept asking for feedback. We kept making improvements.
And eventually, we created an HR solution that radically improved the way
companies conducted HR. Our clients were saving time. Avoiding errors. And improving engagement and satisfaction among their employees.

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